"You have to pull yourself out of the ordinary to be extraordinary."


- Sean Fuller -

Sean Fuller, born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, started drumming as early as age 6, taking lessons from Greg Tooley, a local drum instructor. After he honed his skills, Sean eventually landed in Nashville, working on demo recordings for various hit songwriters such as Hilary Lindsey, Dallas Davidson and more.

Nashville is where Sean met Luke Bryan and played through his early careers, follwed by touring with Justin Moore, eventually landing with Florida Georgia Line. 

Sean has sinced created Faith, Goals & Life, motivational speaking events aimed for the Middle School Student, High School Student, or Young Adult. Sean's POSITIVE message covers topics such as Bullying, Smart Social Media Habits, and of course MUSIC! You do NOT have to be a drummer or musician to take something POSITIVE out of these events. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What made you want to start the Faith, Goals, Life campaign?

Interestingly enough...I really didn't know it was something I wanted to do until two things happened. 1.) An old high school friend and graduate of the same class as I hit me up on social media a couple years back when Florida Georgia Line was scheduled to play at the Ford Stadium in Evansville Indiana. It's my old stomping grounds and where I was born, and he asked me if I would be willing to come speak to the student body at my old high school (South Spencer High School) about the success I have had in the music industry and how I got there. I loved the idea but was scared to death. Put me in front of 10-20-30,000 to play music and I am ok, but you put me in front of 2-300 kids and I'm shaking in my boots! lol. I ultimately decided to jump out of my comfort zone and do this because at the same time I was raising my now almost 4 year old daughter. Between all of what I see on social media and in the news about bullying, gang fights, life threatening pranks, depression, and some of the obvious threats relating to guns in school.....all I could do is think of my daughter growing up in these times and felt the need and passion to bring what I hoped was some sort of message to student bodies wherever I can about how my dreams came true. What it took to get there. How what I do, though it is in music, can relate to ANYTHING one wants to do in life revolving around character, integrity and being humble. Being a servant leader. Help those that cannot help themselves. Bringing light to darkness. And not letting your current conditions dictate your future. Utilize the gifts and blessings we ALL have regardless if you think you're not talented, you HAVE a talent. Reaching down deep inside and putting value on a world that seems to want to point a finger and say "you can't". YOU CAN!! Letting parents, teachers, families know that Love covers everything. No one should be left behind or feel they were left behind because of race, color, ethnicity, religious beliefs, all the way down to what a person wears to school, colors of their hair etc....
I want to cover these things in a fun way and the only way I know how is through music and the gifts Ihave been blessed with.

How long have you been doing these events?

I have added a couple of gentlemen to what I do and we have been doing this as often as we can for the past couple years. What I have found after doing this event for schools is I always get an email from a teacher, principal, parent and student thanking me for this event, but the thing is, it's my heart... not the person looking for fame or social media likes or whatever. This is me as a parent of a child that has yet to deal with any of these things but my concern and love for what children at this age are going through is greatly heightened as she nears the age of going to school herself. I didn't come from a background of a silver spoon in my mouth nor did I have all the finer things in life. What we as youngsters think of the "finer things" changes as you get older but what television forces down our kids' throats is how you SHOULD look to be liked, what you should wear, what you should post to get likes, what makes you popular. I believe we all fall into that trap or have had that pushed on us when all you really need to be is yourself and blaze a trail not only for you but for others. Be a leader, not a follower. Again...Integrity, Character, Humility.

How many schools have you visited?

After thinking about this... I would have to say to date, probably 20-ish? We aren't targeting any specific school either. We want to do this at EVERY school if we could. We are trying to keep costs down by looking at schools interested by the travel I do on tour with Florida Georgia Line. I wish I could say I could afford to do this all on my own and not charge anything, but the reality is it costs a little bit. We do try to show schools where they can find the money to do this either through community services, local companies, or various other means to make it happen even if that means bringing 2 or 3 schools together at one time to make it happen. I assure you though, I am not one to make this about how much I can make off a school. We work off very little after all is said and done and the schools that have done this program have had nothing but great things of what it brought to their school. Which is ultimately something every child in attendance will walk away with - at least a little more knowledge of who they are in my eyes, and hopefully changes the outlook of some that maybe thought no one loves them or could love them.

How do you feel about the Excel Bottling Meet & Greet?

Pretty excited about this. Main reason...being from Indiana...my parents and grandparents always had Ski in their fridge! I am not the biggest soft drink drinker by any means, but I did enjoy a good Ski as a kid. Honestly, I want to use that time for anyone with questions for me, my life, my upbringing, my faith, how they can get involved, etc.... This is open book time. It's not about me or Florida Georgia Line. It's about being a servant. it's about "what can I do to help one child change his or her ways and be the best version of themselves and prove the naysayers wrong."