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What is Faith, Goals, Life, and where did it come from? 

In 2015 I was asked by an old friend if I would be interested in speaking to my old high school, South Spencer High in Reo, Indiana, about my successes, failures and what ultimately got me to where I am today ― playing music and drums for one of the largest duo’s in the history of country/pop music. I accepted the challenge, not really thinking about what I would say or how I would even present the pages of my life and how they unfolded before me.


I thought about the speakers I had in school. How they looked, what they talked about, and how I reacted. Honestly, the only thing that mattered to me was the opportunity to get out of class or a pop quiz. My thoughts wrapped around an older person standing behind a podium speaking about things my parents already warned me about. I remember being bored. 


The day arrived to speak, and I was determined not to be that same boring speaker I experienced growing up. So, instead of preparing a scripted speech, I spoke from the heart. I told them about how hard it was to take some steps in my life. I told them about my failures. And how those failures ultimately shaped me for the successes I have now been so blessed to be a part of. I listened and answered their questions. We created a dialogue, and what I noticed was that the student body responded more to me speaking from the heart than anything I could have done from a podium.


I promised that the next time I came, we would dive deeper into these life topics, and I would also bring a drum set and rock out for them. I came back and did exactly that. While we had a lot of fun with the music, I also had some serious talk about what I believe are the three main pillars to success: Integrity, Character, and Humility. And how those three pillars shape who you are. We talked about bullying and how I was also a victim. We talked about social media etiquette. I even talked about how looking someone in the eyes every day and giving a smile can change their day and maybe even their life.


After I had done this for my old high school, I had a weight lifted from my shoulders of things I had been carrying around for many years. But, at the same time, I knew I couldn’t stop there. In my heart, I knew I had to open this kind of program to whatever elementary, middle or high school that wanted me to share this message. I am blessed to be given this large platform to speak to kids across the country, and it has been an amazing experience for myself and my family. Being a father of now an almost 4 year old, I want my daughter to never have to go through what so many children go through. I am only one voice, but now having done over 25 Faith, Goals, Life events to date, I have seen so many changes in the kids I speak to. I let them know I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I wore hand me downs. I didn’t have all the friends or belong to a popular clique in school. I also don’t hold it against those who have wealth. I tell them to not let their current situation depict the rest of their lives. 


All of this is what Faith, Goals, Life is about. Having FAITH in yourself and in others. Blazing a trial for yourself to be a leader, not a follower. Set small GOALS for yourself. Once you obtain those, it’s easier to hit the larger target. And finally, LIFE. It happens. What defines you is not what you failed at, but how you learn and grow from that failure, until you ultimately succeed! 



Faith Goals Life is currently looking for schools to partner with to bring more positivity into schools and towns all across America. If you are interested in learning more about Faith Goals Life, contact us here for more information.

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