Sean offers two options for Faith Goals Life: speaking only or speaking along with a drum performance. 
Prices below reflect Sean's speaking (+performance) fees only. Not included:  technical equipment, transportation and lodging, meals or other incidentals, and any individual PA/technician fees. For more information, contact us today!

Speaking +






Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Faith Goals Life Event cost?

The total pricing can vary depending on your location, access to technical equipment and other incidentals. Sean offers two base prices: $1000 for his motivational speaking engagement or $1500 for both the speaking portion and a drum performance.

Not included in these fees are transportation, lodging, meals, technical equipment and any necessary PAs/technicians. These would all be extra.
Please reach out to us to discuss your location, preferred date and time, along with technical equipment questions to have a better idea of overall costs.

What if I don't have access to the technical equipment Sean requires?

Sean works very hard to make his speaking engagements as affordable as possible, however, a full drum set and sound technicians require extra staff. Depending on your location, Sean can bring along technical equipment and a technician, at an additional cost to you. Equipment could also be rented as needed. Please reach out to to us to discuss your technical equipment capabilities and what, if any, additional expenses you would incur.

I'd really like to book Sean for my school or organization, but I'm struggling with finding funds. Any suggestions?

We understand there may be some hesitation to book Sean due to a lack of funds, but we are confident Sean's message will be worth it. To help offset logistical costs, consider teaming up with another nearby school district or organization, utilizing PTO funds, contacting your local Chamber of Commerce for corporate sponsorships or schedule in conjunction with Florida Georgia Line visiting your city. Please reach out to us, as we'd be happy to discuss creative ways to make this an affordable and life-changing event for your school or organization.

What if we only want Sean to speak, but not perform?

Though we highly recommend adding the drum performance to the event (it is what he's most known for!), Sean's message does not depend upon it. Fees for equipment and any technical staff are not needed, and only Seans' transportation, lodging, and meals would need to be considered.